About us

"Lenart clothing" has not reinvented the fashion, however, is concisely worked on this in a different ART to create a symbiosis of fashion and art.

Lenart was founded by Dominik Lenhart in December 2019, who, in addition to training and studies, was already working in the textile industry for 10 years before his first own label. He has already worked for major brands as a ghost designer, after he decided in 2019 to start a label that should stand out, be different from the rest is the vision.

 Every single piece of the collections, whether hoodie, tee or accessories comes from his own ideas and inspirations and is perfected to make it a real it-piece for you. We want to create fashion that is accessible to everyone and everyone dares to wear it, because everyone is welcome in our community. 

 Our collections are inspired by our family, community, poetry, from everyday life, forms, open thoughts and famous personalities. We want to spread messages in social or creative views. 
Proud of our #Lenartfam and our nice Community and to promise that our journey has just started.